“Future Internet Event” (24th - 26th October) will offer three main events: Future Internet  Conference, Future Internet Assembly, Future Internet Forum. During these conferences the vision of the future Europe will be linked with  the tasks to be put before IT infrastructure to implement such strategies as: Innovation Europe or Digital Europe.
The forum of professionals organized twice a year under the aegis of the European Union - the Future Internet Assembly (FIA) is a great opportunity to present the research and development results on Future Internet. Traditionally, the organizer of the meeting is the country assuming Presidency in the EU Council.

In the history of FIA, 7 similar meetings were hosted successively so far: in 2008 in Bled (Slovenia) and in the Spanish capital - Madrid, in 2009 in Prague and Stokholm, last year in Ghent (Belgium) and Valencia (Spain). This year's first edition was hosted in May in Budapest.

In  October 2011, the honorable function of the FIA host will rest in the  hands of Poland. For 3 days leading researchers and programmers, dealing with next-generation Internet, will come to Poznań, Poland. This conference will be an event, giving a  unique opportunity both to discuss the new ICT technologies, as well as to enable an active dialogue between the public and private sector. It will also be one of the most important social events of the Polish Presidency, crucial from the perspective of “Europe 2020” strategy.

The "Future Internet Week" in Poznań (24th - 28th October) will present a series of side events of "Future Internet Event".  FIW will include the following meetings: Future Internet Poland, Internet of Things, European Network of Living Labs (joint with FIC), FIRE Conference, Future  Internet Assembly, FIRE Conference, ICT Committee, Service Wave, FI Socio Economics (FISE) Working Group, ICT Clusters Forum, FI Cluster Meeting, ICT Finance Marketplace, FI PPP Meetings: Steering Board, FI Steering Group, FI Proposers' Day and a number of other side events. Thanks to this conference, Poland will become the centre of Future Internet, presenting innovative solutions and boosting international and intersectoral collaboration.
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